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We have just added 2 new songs - "When We're Sharing" and "It's Hard To Be A Bear (When You Have Got A Cold Bear Bottom)"






When We Go To Thoughtz4Totz When You ARe A Nonny Mouse Someone's Snoring Go To Sleep Never Keep A Haggis In A Cage Numberman Super Hero Gee Up Gee Up Hever Castle We Love London If I Had A Drum Little Rex Pancake Face Little Caterpillar A Wonderful Machine Never Wear A Rabbit On Your Head One Three Five Seven Nine Walking Through The Jungle Soapy Bubbles In My Bath Sad Rag Dolll Music Is All Around Never Stick Your Teeth Back In With Glue Miles and Miles of Smiles Healthy Food Is Very Good Harry the Hedgehog Is It Turnip Is It Swede Lennie Is A Lion Put That Little Bit of Litter in the Bin Oliver the Octopus Splish Splash Splosh Simon the Snail Please and Thank You Little Fairy At the Bottom of the Garden Why Do All the Dinosaurs Have Really Awkward Names? Be Kind to tadpoles ave A Super Happy Birthday When You're Sharing My Little Dog Little Chicken Planet Earth Little Bear Really Silly Songs