It's great to see that people are downloading the sheet music on this page

Keep playing and singing - you don't need me to tell you how good music is for children (and adults)

When You're Sharing

Here We Are On Planet Earth

Walking Through The Jungle

It's Cold When You're A Bear (And You Have a Cold Bear Bottom)

What Came First Little Chicken?

Little Caterpillar

Please and Thank You

It's A Turnip Not A Swede

Numberman You can Count On Me

Have A Really Super Birthday

When We Go To Thought4Totz

Please Be Kind To Little Tadpoles

Gee Up Gee Up

Lennie Is A Lion

Never Stick Your Teeth Back In With Glue

Never Wear A Rabbit On Your Head

Someone's Snoring

My Little Dog Is Barking Mad

Put That Little Bit of Litter in the Bin

Harry Is A Hedgehog

If I Had A Drum I'd Play It Every Day

Healthy Food Is Very Good

Please and Thank You

When You Are A Nonny Mouse Folk Don't Know Who You Are

Simon The Snail

Little Fairy At The Bottom Of The Garden


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