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All of the songs on the website have been written by me, for my grandchildren Dylan, Rufus, Rita and Joey and nearly all have been used in music sessions which I regularly, provide twice a week at Russell Hill Road Day Nursery School in Purley, in South London

Thoughtz4Totz - Really Silly Songs

Rufus and Dylan Robertson                                                Ian Rae & friends

I hope these songs, sheet music and videos bring a little bit of fun into the lives of children, and a bit of amusement (and peace and quiet) to their parents and grandparents. If you like this site, please pass on/share it with your friends and family, neighbours postman and anyone else you can think of.

Ian Rae is a Scottish musician / composer / lyricist based in London - Further details may be found at and Irma Music. The singer on many of the songs and videos is his daughter Fiona Robertson (who also appears as a baby and little girl in a couple of the videos) The other songs feature his wife Morven

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