Welcome to Thoughtz 4 Totz - a collection of rather silly songs, rhymes and videos for young children. All of the songs on the website have been written by me, for my grandchildren Dylan and Rufus, and a number have been used in music sessions which I regularly, provide twice a week at Russell Hill Road Day Nursery School in Purley, in South London

Rufus and Dylan Robertson

Titles already include Walking Through The Jungle, Little Rex (Tyrannosaurus Rex), Soapy Bubbles in My Bath, Healthy Food is Very Good, Never Stick Your Teeth Back in with Glue, One Three Five Seven and Nine, A Wonderful Machine, Never Wear a Rabbit On Your Head and It Takes a Brave Brave Man to Play the Bagpipes

On the 6th May 2017, I added 4 new songs - Little Caterpillar, Little Fairy at the Bottom of the Garden, We Love London and If I Had a Drum - you can find them on the Song Page.

Many of the songs are very short, to enable them to be picked up quickly by little children - in addition, if you listen, you'll spot that some of the songs are using the same tunes - once again in order to simplify the learning process. Furthermore, some of the words are capable of being sung to the tune of one of the other songs e.g. "Never Stick Your Teeth Back in With Glue" can be sung to the music of "A Wonderful Machine" (which uses the same tune as "Never Wear a Rabbit on Your Head")

A number of new songs (and videos) are planned for the near future so please return again in the near future

I hope these songs and videos bring a little bit of fun into the lives of children, and a bit of amusement (and peace and quiet) to their parents and grandparents - Ian Rae. If you like this site please pass on the details to your friends and family. If you don't like this site please pass on to your enemies and family


Ian Rae is a Scottish musician / composer based in London - Further details may be found at IanRae.co.uk and Irma Music
The singer on all the songs and videos is his daughter Fiona Robertson (who also appears as a baby and little girl in a couple of the videos)

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    Little Rex     Never Stick Your Teeth Back in With Glue Never Stick Your Teeth Back in With Glue

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